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Do you meet the folowing problems when you plan to visit China for a business trip ?

1. How to arrange your visiting route ?
2. How to book the tickets ?
3. How to find the suitable & comfortable hotel ?

Here , we will gvie you some suggestions, if you still have other problems, please feel free to contact us by e-mail: info@istaroom.com, or whatsapp: 008615375270976, skype ID: sales_angelon, we will be patient to check for you.

* How to arrange your visiting route ?
For every customers, when they plan to visit China for a business, expecially for the customers who will buy many items from different cities in China, it is difficult for them to arrange a visiting route, waste so much time or even can not finish business plans as scheduled before. Here some points will support you.

1. To confirm what cities you will visit, then to choose a major one,
2. The biggest international airport in China are: Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, but in other cities, also have international airlines. You should clear you plan, then to bootk tickets.
3. In China, not only airplane, our High-Speed train is also fast and more flexible for you to choose a route,
4. Don't  visit China in big festival holidays, such as national holidays, spring festival, it will be terrible crowed everywhere
5. You should choose Hi-speed train and airplane together, usually, if you route can be designed to be a circle, that will perfect  and save time.

* How to book tickets ?
In China, when you hope to book tickets, there are two websites, you should save them,
1. To boot air tickets: http://english.ctrip.com/ ,
This website has english language, you could choose any cities in China, and find all flights information, besides, if you book in advance, it will give you more discount to save money. 
2. To book train tickets: http://www.12306.cn/mormhweb/
This website is Chinese language, but in this website, you could find full information of all trains and check the inventory of tickets, if you can not know chinese language, please tell us. In this website, they also have WeChat, you could install in your mobile. You just search 12306 in Apple store or Android  system, you will find it. 

* How to find the suitable and comfortable 

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